Serena Dot Ryan Testimonials

  • “We are on the Serena Dot Ryan journey and LOVING every minute of it. So challenging and educational. Turning accountants into marketers. Only Serena could tackle this one! No one has ever taken as much interest in our marketing problems as Serena has, she is genuinely interested in helping us at every stage of this process. Pure value and lots of laughs along the way. We are so happy to be working with Serena.”

    Leah Oliver

    Chartered Accountant

    CEO – Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions

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    Serena Dot Ryan - Leah Oliver -Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions

    Leah Oliver – Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions

  • “A humble, competent, Facebook marketing pro.
    Serena is one of the few that I’d trust to execute our campaigns.”

    Dennis Yu

    CTO – Blitzmetrics

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    Dennis Yu - CTO, Blitzmetrics

    Dennis Yu – CTO Blitzmetrics

  • “Serena leads from the heart in everything she does, she inspires those around her and is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help other small business owners to grow their digital presence.”

    Peace Mitchell

    Co-Founder Women’s Business School

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    Peace Mitchell - Women's Business School

    Peace Mitchell – Co-Founder Women’s Business School

  • “Serena presented both a talk and a workshop at our JoomlaDay Australia 2017 conference. Her presentations were well received by our audience, and contained relevant and interesting content with some tips that the attendees could easily apply to their own social media strategies. As the coordinator for the JoomlaDay conference, I received a lot of positive feedback from the attendees about Serena. I would have no hesitation in inviting her to be a part of any future events.”

    Tim Plummer

    JoomlaDay Australia Coordinator

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    Tim Plummer – JoomlaDay Australia Co-ordinator

  • “Serena explains things that seem complicated simply. I previously built my own website and had no idea about SEO. I get 80% of new clients through Google searches and online bookings through my website which allows bookings to continue while I treat clients or have a weekend off. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Serena to business operators who want clarity and focus online.”

    Melissa Woodward

    Founder and Director – Evolution Health Services

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    Melissa Woodward Testimonial

    Melissa Woodward – Founder and Director Evolution Health Services