Do you feel like you are spending hours creating content that no-one is seeing? You are not alone. The crowded online space means every business needs to act strategically to achieve content visibility.

In fact there are some stats that back up you feeling like this:

  • 20,000 new blogs are created every minute
  • Only 3% of your organic Facebook posts are seen
  • An average of 1,400 posts are served to each person on Facebook every 24 hours

How on earth do you then make sure that the content you are creating is getting seen?

Here are 5 tips to increase your content visibility that will boost your reach and impact and don’t cost a cent of your marketing budget.


1. Integrate your platforms

Integrating platforms simply means that when you hit publish it will appear on both social media accounts. I typically don’t integrate all my platforms as it can seem too robotic, however a level of integration increases your reach and consistency. Specifically, I have my Instagram account connected to the Serena Dot Ryan Facebook Business Page. Posts that are published simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook have a 37% increased engagement rate.


2. Publish at different times of the day

Even through we think everyone lives online, they don’t. Our daily habits and real lives follow patterns and trends, meaning there are more ideal times to reach your audience. A high-traffic Facebook period, for example,  is 12pm-2pm on weekdays, and is something I consider when scheduling and posting content. The time you post also matters to the algorithms that decide who in your audience is shown what, when. A post may get picked up and be more visible than another simply based on the time of day it is posted. Make the most of this. Schedule some of your business posts to be published at these key times.


3. Don’t forget Twitter

Although Facebook is by far the largest online platform that businesses can harness, Twitter is used typically by 3% of the Australian online population. Sound small? Not quite. Due to its real time nature, the Google algorithm gives tweets (especially those accompanied by good images) quite high visibility. Sharing your latest blog post, commentary on industry events, or a business update on Twitter can increase your content reach.


4. Make the most of Hootsuite

Businesses that advertise on billboards, bus stops and brochures have the same ads or slogans in many locations to make sure all kinds of people see them. When it comes to your online content, you should be making sure it appears in multiple locations across your channels. Hootsuite is a great social media management tool to see where the gaps are. It displays all your social accounts in one place and allows you to schedule and publish posts to multiple platforms at once.


5. Boomerang for extended content visibility

It takes time to develop great content, and most blog posts or videos you create are valuable long beyond the day you first hit publish. Where possible, use Hootsuite or Facebook Business Manager to re-schedule your posts (especially your blog posts) to appear again in 3 month’s time. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is to generate new traffic, save you time, and extend your content visibility.


Dot for the day – Look for ways to make the most of the time you use creating content and you’ll naturally find more business without having to work so hard.

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