Video is fast becoming the best way to communicate, learn and – most importantly – get visibility with your audience. The biggest challenge most of us have? Analysis paralysis, also known as stage fright. We don’t know what we should be putting on video and the dilemma is determining what is relevant to share.

Practice makes perfect right? So the best thing is for you to dive in and start. I’m here to help, so with this in mind, here are 5 ways to add video into your day. The one thing I can guarantee if you do this is, it will get easier and you will get better at it.


1. On the Go

Take video on the go. Australians have an average of 4.7 devices per person. So it is not a question of if you have a smart phone but more likely how many do you have. When you’re out and about in your day, start capturing elements. Catching a train, capture a few seconds of the train pulling out of the platform. Driving to work, take a video when you get to your destination (no videos whilst driving please). Set a goal of capturing 3 a day of 10 -30 seconds each. Make sure at least one a day is with you in it. Remember that done is better than perfect.


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Posted by Serena Dot Ryan on Saturday, 13 August 2016


2. Behind The Scenes Video

Behind the scenes videos provide  insight and connection between you, your customer audience, and your business. What do you do for a living? Do you make products? Video one being created. Do you test your products? Video one being tested. Do you meet with clients? Video where you are meeting them. I even share snapshots of myself creating or editing longer business videos.


3. Snapchat 

A nice and easy way to capture 10 second videos is to start playing with Snapchat. Use the filters. The best tip with this is to have fun and keep creating. You can add captions, words, scribbles and voice filters to create unique and interesting content. Snapchat strings together your individual videos into stories that disappear after 24 hours. Many businesses are incorporating Snapchat into their real time marketing. It’s a great way to provide updates to your followers, create a buzz, and show your audience sneak peak previews of upcoming events or products.


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Posted by Serena Dot Ryan on Friday, 12 August 2016


4. Instagram 

Do know you can create Instagram Stories? They are a virtual behind the scenes of you and/or your business. On your main news feed, swipe right. You will have the chance to create a story. A story can be a photo of your day or you can hold the button down to make a short video. I encourage you to play with this, as it is another great way to share your behind the scenes and build your confidence being on camera. Be sure to geo-tag your  location and add hashtags to increase your reach.


5. Share The Joy

HAVE FUN. When you share your joy it is infectious. Videos help engage your audience positively. They convey authenticity, foster trust, and allow you to share your passion and positive emotion. People do business with people. We connect better with faces and stories than just text and slogans. So remember enjoy yourself and allow others to see the fun side of you too.


Dot for the day:  Videos are here to help you get visibility. Make the most of them.

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