Business are increasingly facing the challenge to keep up with content creation. To be seen in the digital space, regular content is key. With users on Facebook being served a staggering 1,400 posts a day, to achieve cut through and visibility is no easy feat. The good news is, there are tried and tested strategies to achieve traction with your target audience. Effective content should to add value, be clear, consistent, tell a story, and incorporate key SEO principles. 

Here are 5 ways to make your content have impact.


1. Be Clear

Are you posting for the sake of it? STOP. It is not as effective as it could be. To stand out, be clear of the purpose you are posting. Every post I do regardless of platform is related to learning, whether it be inspiring learning, t
eaching or sharing knowledge. What are you clearly communicating?


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2. Consistency is Key

Strong customer relationships require consistent, regular communication. This is not just about having your posts done regularly, but making sure they have a consistent purpose, look and feel too. This is why I mention branding regularly. It pays to invest in getting the right logo, set colour palette, fonts and tone of voice organised. After that, you need to be actually using them. It comes down to memorability. People remember more than a logo and a post. Using a set look and feel as well as scheduling regularly significantly impacts whether you stand out from the crowd, or not.


3. SEO is integral

Search Engine Optimisation is relevant to every business, regardless of size. Improve your content’s impact by using the keywords that you have identified as being important for your business in the key areas of your content. The keyword for this post is ‘content’, for example. Blogs, pictures and videos that are not SEO friendly will be lost in the black hole of the internet. Implementing even basic SEO principles allows search engines to identify and display your content as relevant, increasing the chances that potential customers will find both your content and your business online.


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4. Tell Stories

How quickly do you switch off when someone starts selling to you? Selling is common. We want to list the prices and benefits of our product or service. The problem is, we haven’t given the customer a reason to care yet. Instead of selling, start telling stories that feature how your product has made a positive difference to others. Stories are not only more memorable, they create a stronger connection to your audience and highlight the benefits of your product or service in a much more tangible way.


5. Listen, Learn and Respond

You connect with and impact your customers significantly more when you positively engage with them. When your customers are engaged, they will go out of their way to connect with you by liking, commenting and sharing. Begin with the end in mind. Go out of your way to respond to everyone who comments and the visibility and impact of your content will increase. People are more likely to be interested in you if you are interested in them.


Dot for the Day: Everything you do for your business should be done with purpose and Content Creation is no exception.


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