As a business owner, you go to business meetings, networking events and conferences. You meet new people all the time. You end up with pockets full of business cards. Every single one of these business cards is an opportunity. Rather than just add them to your email database and automatically send them emails (I do not recommend this!), use digital to enhance the initial connection and create opportunities.

In 40 days I will be heading to San Diego to Social Media Marketing World, the largest annual global Social Media conference. An amazing opportunity to meet people from around the globe. It’s exciting. As I prepare for this amazing event, I will be doing a series of blog posts, sharing how I will be preparing to make the most of it.

Here are 6 ways to use digital to continue the conversation to increase your opportunities to grow you personally and professionally.


1. Add them to your database

It is beyond the email. if you have their business card, start with making sure their details are easily added to your database including the context of how you met. Camcard is a great app on your phone to capture their details.


2. Connect on Facebook

There are several ways to use Facebook, depending on how the initial meeting goes, consider the following: like their business Facebook page, request to be a friend, follow them on their personal Facebook page, send them a message via Facebook messenger.


3. Connect on LinkedIn

Follow their Company page, follow their personal profile, request to connect with them, send them an InMail.


4. Follow on Instagram

Follow their personal Instagram, follow their business Instagram.


5. Follow on Twitter

Follow their personal Twitter account, Follow their business Twitter account.


6. Contact through Email

Email is a great option to contact them, remind them of how you met and then give them options to stay in contact. This level of personalisation will also increase the likelihood of continuing the conversation beyond the initial meeting.


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