Serena Dorothy aka ‘Dot’ Ryan, helps Accountants see the numbers in Social Media.

Learn About Serena Dot Ryan EducatorSerena Dot Ryan® is a digital marketing agency founded in 2014 by Serena Dorothy Ryan. Serena is a digital marketing strategist who believes the key to reaching your potential online is to know your business numbers.

Serena and her team work directly with Accountants, their clients and key decision makers who are as passionate about numbers as we are. With education, numbers and business targets are defined, goals are clearer and so are results.

About the Founder

Serena stepped into digital marketing in 2004. In 2005 Serena created an online training program for 10,000 retail employees, Serena went onto be the Internet Business Manager for Skin Doctors (2007-2010).

In 2010, Serena decided to do formal study in Digital Marketing via ADMA (Australian Direct Marketers Association) this led her to work for Visa and write draft Social Media Guidelines for Visa, including managing their online presence for one of their key projects in the payments sector.

Serena then went on to work in digital advertising and manage Digital Marketing Advertising for IAG (Insurance Australia Group Limited) with more than 50 team members and stakeholders and work on world first uses of technology directly with Google and multi award winning campaigns.

In 2014, Serena Dorothy Ryan created ‘Serena Dot Ryan®’ a digital marketing agency specialising in education and optimising online presence.

“I identified a gap in the market to educate people to better use digital marketing for business purposes. With knowledge people can make the most of what they have available to them, essentially saving them time and money. Quite simply, knowledge is power. With knowledge you can decide if you do it yourself or effectively direct others to do it for you.”

Serena Dot Ryan - Social Media Examiner ContributorSerena’s passion for effective digital marketing has led her to attend and work at Social Media Marketing World, be a contributing writer for Social Media Examiner, create the “Podcast See Digital Clearly With Serena Dot Ryan” and focus on educating and working with established business and enterprise clients to optimise their digital marketing.

The Serena Dot Ryan® team audits and optimises your business organic presence first so they can then make the most of your paid marketing efforts.

Serena’s logic is, if you haven’t made the most of what’s available to you for free first, before you do paid advertising, you’re leaving money on the table.

Serena does speaking engagements, small group training, personalised workshops, ongoing digital marketing coaching and social media management.


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“We are on the Serena Dot Ryan journey and LOVING every minute of it. So challenging and educational. Turning accountants into marketers. Only Serena could tackle this one! No one has ever taken as much interest in our marketing problems as Serena has, she is genuinely interested in helping us at every stage of this process. Pure value and lots of laughs along the way. We are so happy to be working with Serena.”

Leah OliverMinnik Chartered Accountants, Bella Vista, NSW


“We regularly recommend Serena to our clients. Her knowledge and experience in digital spaces is amazing and she has a knack for teaching teams of all sizes how to manage their business presence online. Our clients rave about Serena and we share the same sentiment.”

Matthew WheatleyGet Milk Web Design Projects, Sydney, NSW

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