I’m Serena Dorothy ‘Dot’ Ryan. A Digital Marketing Educator. I’m naturally curious and have discovered my passion through consistently asking questions and problem solving.  I have over 20 years experience in industries and professions including Tourism, Hospitality, Events, Retail, Finance, Fashion, Complementary Pharmaceuticals, Skin Care, Weight loss, Advertising and Technology. 13 years ago, after discovering that digital tools could be used to create an online course as a cost effective solution to budget and training constraints, I was hooked on the value of digital marketing.

  Serena Dot Ryan - Digital Marketing SpecialistIn 2014 I decided to take the leap and create my own company. I identified a gap in the market to educate people to use digital marketing for business purposes. With knowledge people can make the most of what they have available to them, essentially saving them time and money. Quite simply, knowledge is power. With knowledge you can decide if you do it yourself or direct others to do it for you.

My passion is to educate business owners and key decision makers in business globally about the power of cost effective digital marketing tools. After a trip to San Diego and attending the Social Media Marketing World, I’m now a Contributing Writer for Social Media Examiner. Serena Dot Ryan - Social Media Examiner Contributor I’m more dedicated than ever to educate on a global scale.

So far this unique digital marketing approach has led to work with businesses of all sizes directly to achieve award winning results for businesses including Macarthur Home Improvements (2015 Services and Trade Business of the Year), Work Closer to Home South West Sydney (2015 New Business of the Year) and Evolution Health Services (2015 Start Up Of The Year).

“We engaged Serena to solve our ever changing Internet advertising problems. It was one of the most important decisions we had made since our companies (sic) inception in 1992. Serena took our Facebook page to 1,000s likes and created a loyal following of newsletter recipients that our competitors would wish for.”

James Spry – Macarthur Home Improvements, Campbelltown, NSW

I also work with Marketing Agencies and Web Developers to assist them with getting briefs from clients that are mutually beneficial to the client and respective agencies.

“We regularly recommend Serena to our clients. Her knowledge and experience in digital spaces is amazing and she has a knack for teaching teams of all sizes how to manage their business presence online. Our clients rave about Serena and we share the same sentiment.”

Matthew Wheatley – Get Milk Web Design Projects, Sydney, NSW

Serena does speaking engagements, small group training, personalised workshops, ongoing digital marketing coaching and social media management.

To see how Serena can help you, get in contact today.

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