Do you send emails to your customers? Being straight with you, really you all should. Even though we are sending and receiving record numbers of emails, this is not the point. Like all marketing activities we do, it is all about the quality. As of 2015 it takes an average of 12 times to be in contact before someone becomes a customer, so it is important that each and every activity you do is done with impact. Your email is wasted unless it is opened and actioned.


So with this in mind, considering that you all should be sending emails, this leads to my second and most important question, are they being opened?

Here is a fantastic cheat sheet I’ve pulled together to help you improve your email opening rate. After all, the more emails your customers open, the more chances that your business-focused content will be actioned.


1. Have a purpose

Before you start, consider the purpose of sending the email. The more defined your purpose, the clearer you will be in actually making it happen.


2. Consider Necessity

Be necessary. How important is this email? Is there any other way of communicating this information? We already know that huge volumes of emails are being sent daily, so before you send it, consider how important it really is.


3. Be relevant

Is the email being sent relevant to the person receiving it? Make sure it is. This will automatically improve the likelihood of it being opened.



4. Be timely

Depending on the nature of the email, your audience and their expectations of when to receive it will make a big impact. Also keep in mind the most appropriate time to send, whether in business, break, or leisure hours.


5. Be welcome

Quite simply, don’t send an email without permission. The Spam Act is a big deal. Besides, why send an email that isn’t wanted? You are wasting your time.


6. Support your emails

It is not all about being online. Emails can be a wonderful communication support tool to other forms of communication such as phone calls and even Social Media posts.


7. Personalise your subject line

Get serious about what you put in the subject line, after all this is what will convince the recipient to open the email (or not!).



8. Test your subject line

Don’t be hard and fast with the same subject line all the time. Test out different subject lines, you’ll be surprised at the difference in open rates.


9. Review your results

When sending your emails through a third party provider such as Mailchimp, you have access to the results of every email sent. Have a look at who is opening your emails, how many have been opened and at what time of day. This will help you significantly in being able to optimise what and when to send your emails to get the best open rate.


Dot for the Day: Be smart with your time, only send emails if they are going to achieve the impact you want.


Need help with getting better results with your emails? Get in contact.

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