It’s getting close to that time again, also known as the silly season, it’s a time for lots of celebrating which means lots of food, drinks and socialising with family, friends and business associates. It can be amazing, but can also be a headache if a few things are not fully considered.

I have learnt the hard way, not to get too much of one food on my plate, because then I fill up and don’t have the opportunity to try different foods. If I drink too much I can’t handle the headaches (or worse) and if I only socialise with the same people all the time, I miss out on seeing people I rarely see.


If I get the balance wrong I miss opportunities, get sick and don’t enjoy myself.


For me it’s not so much the quantity, but the quality, value and variety.


The festive season is not unlike creating content. To get a good experience, the same rules apply.




Serena Dot Ryan - Pumpkin Pie

The strategy around eating food is not unlike the strategy around content. When you are passionate about something you tend to get really excited about it and over indulge in it. Right now I’m thinking about Pumpkin Pie. It’s one of the few things I like cooking and enjoy making it for Christmas. Now whilst eating the whole pie at once may seem like a good idea, I know that if I do, it will make me sick. I’ve learnt the hard way.


Quality is more important than quantity.


When it comes to my content, I learned this from creating 207 blog posts in 207 days. When I focused too heavily on content creation and not on quality or variety, I created content for content’s sake. Blog posts are not meant to be documenting of ideas only, they are a wonderful opportunity to be found for what you want to be found for by search engines and clients. To be found online, you need to ensure that you apply practices that enable you to be found.


If you only document ideas without considering what, why and how you want to be found, you will disappear into the sea of many other content creators. It’s like having only meat and potatoes every night instead of getting out the recipe book and learning how to add herbs and spices to make a standard meal good. You don’t need to become a chef, but a good cook understands what the recipes are, follows them regularly and before long, is able to adapt the recipes to their liking and be good enough to have friends over for a dinner party.


Thinking about your blog idea a little more, develop it and ensure your blog can be found. It’s worth taking the time to develop one quality blog post a month rather than blogging every day.


Less is more.




Value is about what you can give as much as you get. It’s not one way or the other. No one likes to meet you at a cocktail function and only hear about you, it’s the same when it comes to your content, what can you do to help others? Listening, sharing solutions, offering to help, saying thank you, are just a few ways you can add value.


I have learned that creating guides that educate and empower service based businesses with digital marketing knowledge to improve their ROI is a great way to offer value. Plus each blog post is openly sharing knowledge and experience to help readers improve their digital marketing conversions.


Give More Than You Receive.




Blogging is not just about talking about one thing. It’s about learning, sharing your passions and your opinions in context of what you want to be known for.


No one is one dimensional. I share stories of my life, including mistakes, failures and successes to give context and variety of how readers can gain unique value from me.


Serena Dot Ryan - Dot ConnectorIt’s with this in mind I let those who consume my content know that I am a marathon runner, a gardener in training and a mum who wants to enable as many people as possible to have the life they want. I’m learning for that to become a reality, financial literacy for all is key.


How do you ensure your content has quality, value and variety

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