Stop wasting time and money on ads.

Serena Dot Ryan is on a mission to stop business owners wasting time and money on the unnecessary. Likes don’t pay the bills. Money does.

Serena Dorothy aka ‘Dot’ Ryan is an award winning Digital Marketer who approaches digital marketing differently.

We are all limited by what we know. So if you understood digital marketing better, you could make better decisions on what you spend your money on to grow your business, right?

After creating Serena Dot Ryan® in 2014, a digital agency specialising in Facebook Ads optimisation, Serena has become know for explaining often complex processes simply and in the process enabled business owners to successfully grow their businesses WITHOUT wasting their time or money.

Serena comes from a non-tech background and relates to people from beginners to experts. This is backed up by Serena being invited to speak to everyone from Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and their teams to Web Developers.

With knowledge people can make the most of what they have available to them, essentially saving them time and money.

Serena enables people to harness the power of digital knowledge for direct business benefit.

Serena Dot Ryan® is dedicated to enabling business productivity, sustainability and economic growth through delivering the ‘SEE Digital Clearly’ approach.


See Digital Clearly With Serena Dot Ryan


Serena Dot Ryan Speaking Topics

Serena’s speaking topics focus on being able to make the most of what you have available to you  first before you spend any of your marketing budget. Examples include:

7 Steps For Social Media Impact Without Wasting Your Time or Money

Leveraging Nanoinfluence: How Small Business Owners Can Grow Without Wasting Time Or Money On Social Media

Breaking the Myths of Social Media And Growing Business Without Ads

5 Ways To Grow Business Without Posting On Social Media

The Gift Of Debt, Losing The Guilt And Thriving

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