6 Ways To Use Digital To Continue The Conversation

As a business owner, you go to business meetings, networking events and conferences. You meet new people all the time. You end up with pockets full of business cards. Every single one of these business cards is an opportunity. Rather than just add them to your email database and automatically send them emails (I do not recommend this!), use digital to enhance the initial connection and create opportunities.

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How To Become A Natural Content Creator

Do you struggle to create content for your business for your website and Social Media accounts? You are not alone. I create over 60 pieces of content every week and being honest, some weeks are easier than others. I can also say that when I started out creating content for my own businesses over 4 years ago, I was lucky to create 5 pieces per week. I’m now at a stage where I could create even more if I wanted to. It really is true – practice (and focus) makes perfect.

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5 Ways To Make Your Content Have Impact

Business are increasingly facing the challenge to keep up with content creation. To be seen in the digital space, regular content is key. With users on Facebook being served a staggering 1,400 posts a day, to achieve cut through and visibility is no easy feat. The good news is, there are tried and tested strategies to achieve traction with your target audience. Effective content should to add value, be clear, consistent, tell a story, and incorporate key SEO principles. 

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