As a content creator, I’m regularly asked what tools of the trade I use to create my videos, podcasts and content. I’m always going to try and save you from spending money on unnecessary tools. Where possible nothing beats using a relatively up to date smart phone that you already own and making the most of natural light (ie the sun!). But when you do find the time comes to get equipment, the products shared here are a great place to start.

Serena Dot Ryan Resources For Content Creators

Here is an easy way for you to see the products I use and purchase them for yourself.

Undoubtably there are many other products on the market, I have used and tried many of them! There is no one size fits all, but the guides and links shared here are designed to help you save hours of trawling the internet, testing and wasting time and money!

Yes, I use affiliate links, but also know that I don’t recommend products unless I personal use and love them.


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