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Public Figure Page Checklist

Serena Dot Ryan® has created a Public Figure Page Set Up Checklist to enable e-Commerce Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to understand and set up their Public Figure pages on Facebook.


Traditional marketing is to have a brand or company to connect with and do business with. However, the critical ingredient that makes business happen is people.


If you only go onto Facebook (or any other Social Media platform for that matter) to share what you do or what your product or service is, with only a business page, you miss a very big opportunity.


A Public Figure pages allows you to build relationships with people who have common values and interests with you and your business. With relationships being built on a foundation of values through a Public Figure page this is a strong and useful opportunity to build your business.


A Facebook Public Figure Page enables you to separate your business posts from your personal profile. Having a Facebook Public Figure Page enables you to do business on a personal level, separate from your family and friends connections.


This checklist is designed to help business owners and key people in business use your personal presence for business.


The Facebook Public Figure Page Checklist is part of the Serena Dot Ryan®How To Create Content To Achieve Your Business Goals‘ online course packed full of checklists and videos to develop your business online presence utilising your personal presence and organic content that you can create yourself to attract, engage and convert your ideal customers.

The Serena Dot Ryan® ‘How To Create Content To Achieve Your Business Goals‘ course is educational focused for the business owner without marketing experience and is designed to make the most of your time rather than to be consumed with being on Social Media for the sake of it and spending hours creating content.

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Serena Dot Ryan Access Checklist

Completing the Serena Dot Ryan Access Checklist will enable Serena and the Serena Dot Ryan Team Specialists to have access to your digital marketing assets and be able to do a full evaluation of what is working, what is broken, and what tweaks could be done to make it better.

The most important thing you can do to optimise your digital marketing is to be able to see easily what is working and what could be done better.

The checklist is designed to be a straight forward as possible and should only take 25-30 minutes at most to complete.

You can watch this video first to see how the access to your accounts works. The aim is to get access to your accounts without you releasing your ownership of the accounts.

Downloading a copy of the checklist will also help you to see how you could instantly update or improve your current connections between your digital marketing assets.

Once you are ready, if you have not already done so, purchase your POWER Hour here.


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Blog With Impact – Your Guide To Increase Your ROI

Blogging can be time consuming, when you already have an over-flowing to do list, it can be easy to not do it. I had heard blogging was good for business. I wanted to test this.

On the 14th January 2015 I started blogging every day.  Within 6 weeks I was ranking on page 1 of Google. 6 months later I had 30 clients. I now blog monthly and have increased my business impact beyond what I thought possible.Continue Reading →