Blogging can be time consuming, when you already have an over-flowing to do list, it can be easy to not do it. I had heard blogging was good for business. I wanted to test this.

On the 14th January 2015 I started blogging every day.  Within 6 weeks I was ranking on page 1 of Google. 6 months later I had 30 clients. I now blog monthly and have increased my business impact beyond what I thought possible.

This guide is the second in a series for key decision makers in service based businesses be armed with information to make informed decisions about their digital marketing spend.

I see plenty of blogging, but I consistently see wasted opportunities when people don’t blog with impact to positively grow their business.

The Blog With Impact – To Increase Your ROI sets you up to ensure that the time you spend blogging is for direct business benefit.

The Blog With Impact – To Increase Your ROI Guide includes:

  • Learnings from blogging every day for 207 days.
  • An SEO Checklist so you can maximise your blog getting found
  • Plus a Blog Creation Checklist to increase your efficiency and ability to publish high quality content.


I started blogging for the first time, 13th January 2015.


On the 14th January 2015 I made the commitment to blog EVERY DAY.


In between my son’s 3rd birthday party, business enquiries and bookings, training for the New York Marathon and becoming a community representative, my blog moved further down my to do list. I had to acknowledge that other priorities were more important.


When I started my blog I had one client. Now with over 30 clients and a few other things going on, it was time to take stock.


On the 20th August 2015 after missing my blog posts for 3 consecutive days, I decided to see what impact there would be if I didn’t blog for 2 weeks. During this time I also wanted to review my priorities and see how I could use my learnings from 207 blog posts in 207 days.

My learnings from blogging are now captured in this guide.

Plus, don’t forget to add the FREE ‘Work Your Website Harder – Your Guide To Increase Your ROI‘ to your cart.



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