Is Your Digital Marketing ROI What It Could Be?

To Grow Your Business Cost Effectively, It’s Essential To Utilise What You Have To Its Full Potential. Discover Cost Effective Opportunities.

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To maximise the results of your Social Media Marketing, your website should work harder than you do.

This guide is the first in a series for key decision makers in service based businesses be armed with information to make informed decisions about their digital marketing spend.

In the ‘Work Your Website Harder – Your Guide To Increase Your ROI you will get recommendations to:

  1. Improve Your Website Performance
  2. Increase Your Website Traffic
  3. Increase Your Website Conversions

Plus, straight forward explanations on what, why and how you can get the updates actioned.

When you have your website working harder and getting better conversions, then naturally you will get better results when you do paid advertising. After all, paid advertising should be about amplifying what is working, not compensating for organic not working.

Melissa Woodward from Evolution Health Services attributes 80% of her new leads to getting found via Google Searches.

This guide is dedicated to explaining usability, why it’s important to apply it to your website and gives you details to help you ‘Sure Up Your Foundation’.

Serena Dot Ryan - Maximise Your Social Media ROIAfter 14 years in digital marketing roles, I consistently saw ways clients and potential clients missed opportunities or wasted money promoting their business.


To start making the most of your marketing spend, you need to sure up your foundation. The stronger it is, the less ‘leaks’ when you spend money.


Leaks include; people not engaging with your content, not purchasing because links are broken, they can’t find what they want or it takes too long for them to purchase.


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