Is Your Digital Marketing ROI What It Could Be?

We are only limited by what we know. This 6 part video series is dedicated to building the knowledge of key decision makers in service based businesses.

Your Website is Your Opportunity To Grow Your Business Cost Effectively. Are You Making The Most Of It?

The Work Your Website Harder – Your Guide To Increasing Your ROI and accompanying 6 part video series are dedicated to you making the most of what you have to maximise your business visibility, increase your traffic and opportunity for conversions.

You should be able to improve your digital marketing with just 15 minutes a day.

Clients like Evolution Health Services after getting this training, are now getting 80% of new clients via Google.

Watch one video a day and transform your website over the course of a week.

If you have more time on your hands, you can easily watch these videos within an hour and make significant changes in a day.

This 6 part video series gives you the opportunity to conveniently watch and listen to Serena, the founder of Serena Dot Ryan and get additional support to make the most of your website.

In each video Serena describes quickly and in her trademark straight forward (non-tech) manner, what each of these essential digital marketing concepts are and how you can make sense of them to work your website harder.

Video 1 – What Is Usability?

Video 2 – The Value of Testing

Video 3 – Why Have Links?

Video 4 – Not All Links Are Equal

Video 5 – Get Your Tracking Right

Video 6 – Valuing Your Customers


When you have your website working harder and getting better conversions, then naturally you will get better results when you do paid advertising. After all, paid advertising should be about amplifying what is working, not compensating for organic not working.

For less than a cup of coffee a day, get your videos today and work your website harder within a week.


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