Serena Dot Ryan® specialises in growing businesses sustainably.

Serena Dot Ryan® services are built on the premise that everyone should have access to knowledge and resources to build their businesses. Likes don’t pay the bills. Money does. When we minimise unnecessary spending and maximise cost effective marketing activities, everyone benefits.

Serena Dot Ryan® works with retail businesses and their teams to implement cost effective marketing to strategies to grow their businesses.

Book Serena Dot Ryan® to speak, be supported to implement your marketing strategies.

Serena Dot Ryan® provides free and paid support. After all it’s important you get access to digital marketing education regardless of your budget.

Serena Dot Ryan® has 3 ways you can work together. Book Serena Dot Ryan® to Speak, have Serena Dot Ryan® audit your online presence or be supported by Serena Dot Ryan® as your DIY Marketing Expert.

Serena Dot Ryan® Speaker

Serena Dot Ryan® is an award winning Digital Marketer who approaches Digital Marketing Differently. Serena Dot Ryan® is on a mission to stop business owners wasting time and money on the unnecessary. Learn more.

Serena Dot Ryan® Review

You are only limited by what you know. Serena Dot Ryan® doesn’t do coffee chats for the sake of it. If you want to have a meeting jam packed with actionable advice to grow your business. Book a POWER Hour with Serena Dot Ryan.

To get the best out of this session, Serena Dot Ryan® asks all potential clients to share what problem they would like solved and what your current processes are in place. Answering questions about your Goals, Content and Targeting (GCT) are a vital way Serena and team can then understand and assess what you are trying to achieve.


We then spend an hour together with recommendations to solve your business problem being shared. This approach enables both parties to ‘try before you buy the full package’ and establishes a good base to work from. Book your POWER Hour now and leverage Serena Dot Ryan®‘s 20 years of experience.

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DIY Digital Marketing Resources

Serena Dot Ryan - The Power Of PlanningDo it yourself marketing

Everyone should have access to education to be able to reach their full potential. Dedicating time each day to learning is like watering a garden, do it regularly and it will flourish.

Serena Dot Ryan® provides resources to educate you in your own time on your terms. PLUS, Serena Dot Ryan® gives ongoing support through her membership program for business owners that don’t have a marketing manager but need support to make informed decisions about their marketing efforts.

Read the Serena Dot Ryan® blog, Listen to the See Digital Clearly with Serena Dot Ryan® podcast and Watch Serena Dot Ryan® videos on the Serena Dot Ryan® YouTube Channel.


Plus, if you’d like education for a group, team or conference, you can book Serena ‘Dot’ Ryan the founder of Serena Dot Ryan® to speak at your next event.


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