The Serena Dot Ryan® GCT Strategy Review Questions are designed to help the Serena Dot Ryan® Team review your current online presence and provide recommendations.

Why Complete The Serena Dot Ryan® GCT Strategy Review Questions?

The Serena Dot Ryan® goal is to always maximise what you have organically and available for free first before you spend any money on Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other paid digital marketing ads.

GCT stands for Goals, Content and Targeting. When you are clear on your Goals, who your Target audience is and then connect them with relevant Content you have a strategy foundation that is strong and able to be built upon.

When we know where you are starting from and what your business goal is, we can then assess where the gaps or issues with you current online presence is.

All answers are strictly confidential. It is estimated to take 15 – 20 minutes to complete. However in saying this, the more time you can dedicate to giving as much information as possible it will enable a higher quality response and therefore greater opportunities for you to optimise your online presence to achieve your business goals.

Once you have completed the questions, it recommended to book in a POWER Hour so Serena Dot Ryan® can dedicate the time to review your online presence and provide you with recommendations.

Are you not sure if a Serena Dot Ryan® POWER Hour is for you?

You are welcome to complete the Serena Dot Ryan® GCT Strategy Review Questions without booking in a POWER Hour. A Serena Dot Ryan® team member will be in contact to confirm next steps once a completed set of GCT questions are received.


Filling out your questions is important, the next step is to ensure that your answers are put to good use, book your POWER Hour now.

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