Do you struggle to create content for your business for your website and Social Media accounts? You are not alone. I create over 60 pieces of content every week and being honest, some weeks are easier than others. I can also say that when I started out creating content for my own businesses over 4 years ago, I was lucky to create 5 pieces per week. I’m now at a stage where I could create even more if I wanted to. It really is true – practice (and focus) makes perfect.

When I say ‘content’ I include the following: Blog posts, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts, LinkedIn Posts, Twitter Posts, Weekly emailsother Social Media posts and content for my website.

To get good at content creation, I adopted the following method.


1. Become an avid reader.

I read at least 2 hours every day. Most days it is related to Digital Marketing, however 2 – 3 days per week I include other reading including fiction novels, magazines and anything else that spikes my curiosity. Reading expands our minds, creativity and thought processes. Plus it adds valuable words and ideas to our writing.


2. Become a serial writer.

I write every day. I blog, write to do lists and ideas down all the time. To help facilitate this I have note pads in every room of my house too for when the moment strikes. If you don’t know where to start, begin with documenting what you do.



3. Have an opinion on everything.

Reading and writing is not enough, include your own thoughts and ideas. These are powerful. In a world up to its neck in online content, just feeding the machine won’t achieve cut-through. Incorporating your own personal and professional experiences is an easy way to distinguish yourself and preserve your individuality and unique point of view.


4. Have a ‘80% is good enough’ rule.

I’m a born perfectionist (otherwise known as a procrastinator). When I implemented the 80% is good enough rule, it was a game changer for me both personally and professionally. Online publishing allows for editing and updating, so excessive reworking often just bogs you down. Besides, an error you notice later can easily be changed. Remember that done is always better than perfect. 


Serena Dot Ryan - Are You Set For Success


5. Use apps.

Apps are awesome when you have the right ones and know how to use them. I use Evernote to capture my reading lists and ideas. I also use Canva, Word Swag, Pixlr and Phonto to create many of my Social Media ‘Inspirational Quotes’ and curated images.


6. Have a plan.

Be clear on your purpose for every place you are so you are clear on why, when, what and how you are posting for your business benefit. Then create a plan based on your purpose. If you’re not sure what you are doing online, this is what I am here for, seriously. Get in contact.


7. Implement your plan.

Plans are awesome, but without implementation they are pointless. If you are struggling to stick to your content creation goals, refer to point 4. It you are still struggling, refer to point 6, you know where to find me.


Dot for the day:  You are already a natural. You just have to get more practice at it.

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