I started to notice a trend. Increasingly I was working with clients doing their Facebook ads and their websites were on the Shopify platform. I’ve got used to identifying trends and adapting to them. Technology and the way people use it is constantly changing, so it’s a skill I work hard at making the most of.

To give context, in 2004 I stepped into Digital Marketing almost quite by accident. When working as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator I was known for my curiousity and interest to learn new things. As a result, I was assigned new tasks of creating a weekly email in HTML and sending it out to a large database. The opportunity to embrace new technology was fantastic, I got straight into it.

In 2005, I was given a new task, to train 10,000 retail employees based throughout Australia. There was only enough budget to travel to Sydney from our regional location, as an alternative I created an online training program for 10,000 retail employees instead. It was incredible to see the potential of Digital Marketing Technology being an accessibility tool.

2006 I relocated back to Sydney and commenced working as a Trade Marketing Manager for a Complementary Health Care Company. The focus was on B2B selling and I identified a need to train Pharmacy Assistants on the benefits of the products being sold using online tools. Through this opportunity I went on to be the first Internet Business Manager for Skin Doctors (2007-2010).

In 2010, I completed formal study in Digital Marketing via ADMA (Australian Direct Marketers Association). This led me to work for Visa at a time where Social Media was just starting to get acknowledged as a valuable tool for business marketing. I went on to write draft Social Media Guidelines for Visa, including managing their online presence for one of their key projects in the payments sector.

I then went on to work in digital advertising and manage Digital Marketing Advertising for IAG (Insurance Australia Group Limited) with more than 50 team members and stakeholders and work on world first uses of technology directly with Google and multi award winning campaigns.

All this experience led to in 2014, I founded ‘Serena Dot Ryan®’ as a digital marketing agency specialising in education and optimising online presence. It became a great way to utilise my middle name ‘Dorothy’ aka ‘Dot’ and also say my middle name is digital. 

My logic is, if you haven’t made the most of what’s available to you for free first, before you do paid advertising, you’re leaving money on the table.

As we were optimising ad campaigns for existing clients I found myself increasingly more familiar with Shopify.

Did you know Shopify is not just a website builder but an eCommerce platform? That means it looks at all aspects of the customer user journey and has support and resources to use along the way. The depth of the tools available are incredible. The reality is that whilst there are many other platforms and solutions available, if you are a small to medium enterprise, the start up or transition costs can be huge. Shopify lowers the barrier to entry by making off the shelf functionality available, this is valuable especially if you simply want to get on with selling your product.

I started helping clients tweak their landing pages to maximise campaigns. I started to see the opportunity to not just help them but to also help others.

I believe the best anyone can do is to use the skills they have to help others achieve their goals. 

I started to think about how I could apply my skills and experience utilising the Shopify Platform. This idea germinated for nearly 2 years. I didn’t want to rush things as I already had a full plate. I allocated a day a week to research, test and learn about Shopify and also look for team members to work with. There’s a lot of value in having consistent time to work on not always in your business.

1st July 2021 I launched ‘Dotterised®’ Agency working with clients who have product based businesses on the Shopify Platform.

Introducing Dotterised®

Dotterised® is a digital marketing agency founded by Serena Dot Ryan®. We are focused on developing and implementing digital growth strategies to scale eCommerce Businesses.

Dotterised® is a Shopify Partner and our tools of the trade are the Shopify Platform, Google, Klaviyo and key Social Media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest.

We grow eCommerce product businesses through maximising organic opportunities for clients by having their websites on fast Shopify themes using SEO best practice and then establishing strong presences with customer engagement on platforms where their customers are.

Dotterised® Values


Sustainability is about always making the most of what we have with regards to our budgets and resources so we are able to stay in business and enable clients to also do the same. We value long term sustainability. We want businesses to stay in business.

Future Proofing 

Always researching and always learning. We believe as technology changes it’s important to keep perspective and look for useful ways to utilise all the latest tools available to make things better for us and our businesses. By having this approach we like to constantly adapt to the current environment and enable clients to make informed decisions to do the same.


We value diversity and supporting all people to be in business. The foundations of Serena Dot Ryan® and Dotterised® started out of necessity to create a flexible job without compromising the way I wanted to parent. It is with this in mind that I especially like to enable other parents to do the same as business owners and as employees. 

Who We Work With

Our Clients are passionate about making a difference in the world. They have strong family values and love using technology to give them flexibility to have the life they want. They are inventors and entrepreneurs who have created products that are all about making the lives of their ideal customers better and in the process minimising harm to the environment. Sustainability is at the heart of what they do.

How We Work Together

Digital marketing has many moving parts. To be quite frank I realise that anecdotal advice given out of context rarely moves the needle in business. Coffee chats or picking someone’s brain simply become time wasters for both parties.

I love to give advice and support from the very first meeting. It is me by nature and as a result I get everyone to book a POWER Hour as the stepping stone to working together. This is regardless of whether it is under the banner of Dotterised® or Serena Dot Ryan®. The beauty of this is, with the information and value supplied in the hour the person who has booked it can then decide if we continue to work together or they implement the information supplied themselves.

I’m proud to continue as Serena Dot Ryan® and under this name also do important Financial Education Advocacy work.

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