22 years ago I had tennis lessons for 6 months. By the end of the 6 months I was still struggling to get the ball in. And what I mean by in, is inside the wire surrounding the court, let alone the white lines.

Everyone learns at different rates. 22 years ago I didn’t realise this and instead of sticking with it, I gave it away. I figured tennis wasn’t for me. Tennis is one of the many things I tried and gave up on.


I didn’t have another tennis lesson until today. 22 years later.

Serena Dot Ryan - The Value Of MAA

This time around I’m sticking with it. The difference this time? I’m clear on what I want to achieve.


When it comes to tennis I’m not training for Wimbledon, I’m training to get good enough to play a game with my kids. I’ve set my budget, booked the lessons got the right equipment and I’m dedicating the time to practise as well. I’m prepared to suck in the beginning, knowing the only way I’m going to get better is by doing it.


Serena Williams and I do share the same first name, but our goals are very different.


Is her goal more important than mine? No.


Every single person has different goals personally and professionally they wish to achieve. Just because everyone’s goals are different, doesn’t make them any less important.


What is critical though, is that everyone is clear what their goals are before they start. Otherwise they will struggle with motivation, dedicating time and budget to achieve them and ultimately not know what success looks like because they never defined it.


Do you have a Facebook Ads budget?


Before you start advertising, the only reason you should be doing Facebook Ads is to amplify what is working to achieve your business goals.


To figure out what is working you need to be posting regularly, reviewing your content’s performance and taking action based on the results.

Video content enables insights and opportunities to create custom audiences.



People connect with people. When people connect on a personal level, they become more receptive to their business opportunities. This is why networking in person and online is so effective.


Doing videos that enable people to learn about us on a personal level is the equivalent of an introduction and chat at a networking event.



Advertising makes people switch off. When creating videos, tell stories. Interview people. There’s no need to introduce yourself.


Next step is to discover what resonates and delivering more of it. To understand what’s working follow the process of Metrics Analysis Action (MAA).



We need to be clear what Metrics are set in the first place.

With videos there are quite a few that Facebook have in place. Rather than get too caught up in all the metrics, the focus is to gauge if a video is being engaged with long enough to constitute interest in you, your product or service. With this in mind to measure performance, video views and average view time are what we focus on.



A view is constituted as 3 seconds viewing time. Average viewing time is 6 seconds. An average of 85% of people watch videos without sound. By adding captions to all videos, it enables people to watch videos for longer. 

Average viewing time is the average view time of a video.



Once videos have been published, it is essential to review their performance so we can learn, iterate and replicate.

Recently I was interviewed by Logan Young, Co-Founder of BlitzMetrics. He asked me 3 questions. With the footage taken I created 3 x 1 minute videos of the answers.





All 3 videos were posted on the Serena Dot Ryan Public Figure Page over the course of a week. I then let them run to see the organic engagement and if any (or all of them) met the criteria of Standards of Excellence.


Standards of Excellence

Standards of Excellence as indicators that content is performing above average and resonating with your intended audience.

  • Average viewing time to be more than 6 seconds
  • At least 50% of total views to be at least 10 seconds



Serena Dot Ryan - The Value of Being Challenged



Serena Dot Ryan - Why Attend SMMW



Serena Dot Ryan - Things To Do In Sydney

Of the 3 videos posted, one of them ‘The Value of Being Challenged‘ has qualified as reaching the Standards of Excellence, however, in saying this the other are also very close. Both exceed exceed average viewing time of 6 seconds.




On the first iteration of Analysis, if the video meets the criteria of 50% of total views are 10 seconds or more, then the post is boosted at $1 a day for 7 days. This enables us to see if the trend continues.


At the end of 7 days if the rule of 50% of total views are still 10 seconds or more, then this video is used to build a funnel.


Serena Dot Ryan - Metrics Analysis Action


Create a funnel

A custom video views audience is created on the video or videos that meet the criteria of 50% of 10 second video views.


The logic to use here is to create custom audiences based on 10 second video views.


Share your awareness video with a large audience (such as 1% lookalike of your page fans audience).


Those who view this Awareness video more than 10 seconds will automatically be added to the Custom Audience of 10 second views of this video already created.


Create an ad with a video you have of your showing how to do something. Give educational value to your audience. This is also known as a ‘HOW’ video.


Create a custom audience of those who watch your ‘HOW’ video for more than 10 seconds.


Create a Video ad of what you offer. Also known as a ‘WHAT’ video. This 1 minute video is showing what you do and giving the opportunity for the viewers to get your offer. This could be a download of a checklist, a booking of an Online Audit or POWER Hour


Set the target audience as the Custom Audience of 10 second video views of your ‘HOW’ video.


By following the process of MAA to test and review your content on your Facebook page you are learning what content is engaging before putting spend behind it. This enables you to be more efficient with your Ad spend.


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