Do you realise how important your Accountant is in your life? Little did I know that when I started in business how important it would be to have an Accountant (and Bookkeeper!) I could work alongside with. 
In this episode I share:
  • The moment my Accountant laughed at me (and what I did about it)
  • My challenges with understanding my Accountant (and the consequences)
  • I acknowledge I didn’t know what I Bookkeeper was. (Yes I am embarrassed, and yes I do know what they are now).
Numbers go far beyond the spreadsheet. And when we discover this it is life changing. I know this as I’m living it!
Join me as I start documenting my financial education journey, warts and all, and discover a passion for numbers I never knew I had.
Mentioned in this episode:
Xero Cloud Accounting Solution
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