This episode of Adding Up is an interview with Peace Mitchell. It’s listed as bonus content as it is a little different and takes a detour from focusing on Numbers.

Who do you meet in your life that impacts you so profoundly with their vision that you find yourself inspired to connect and take action?
It is however important when it comes to adding up the life experience that gets you to where you are.
Peace Mitchell, little did I know, was one of those key people that has come into my life. Peace Mitchell Co-founded Ausmumpreneur and The Women’s Business School.
I first met Peace in 2016 after becoming a finalist for Digital Innovation for the National Ausmumpreneur Awards and  attending the 2016 AusMumpreneur National Conference in Melbourne as a part of the judging process. To say this was a pivotal moment in my life is an understatement.
This is an interview done in January 2018 for a different podcast, ‘See Digital Clearly‘ with Serena Dot Ryan. It is a little different, but however instrumental in adding up where I am today. I also find it a fascinating listen. 
In this episode Peace Mitchell shares:
– What she wanted to be when she grew up.
– What her 10 year vision is.
– How she overcome her obstacles to be where she is today.
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