Welcome to a very special episode of Adding Up with Serena Dot Ryan. I’m dedicated to sharing my debt free journey with the hope of helping people like me. Especially if you’ve wanted to become better educated about financial education and haven’t known where to start. I’m using my financial failures and learnings to help you see you’re not alone and demonstrate there are incredibly positive things you can do about it.
And if you’re an Accountant or Bookkeeper tuning in, my aim is that you gain insight into the financial challenges.

In this special episode is extra special because it’s my very first interview and it’s with one of my mentors and dear friends, Cliff Ravenscraft.

Serena Dot Ryan with Cliff Ravenscraft
Serena Ryan with Cliff Ravenscraft at Social Media Marketing World
If you don’t already know, Cliff is the Mindset Answerman and he also happens to be a very successful Online Entrepreneur.
I’m a regular listener of his podcast, The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. As I’ve discovered from listening to his content, he is also very successful in clearing debt from his life. In fact $80,000 of unsecured debt.
When I had the opportunity to interview him about his debt journey I jumped at it. What I didn’t realise is just how significant it would be for me.
Yes this episode is a little longer than previous episodes, but I’ve intentionally kept editing to a minimum as I personally found so much value packed in.
I love how Cliff shares insight into his learning about clearing debt and how he challenges me on my beliefs holding me back.
Mentioned in this episode:
Debt The first 5,000 years by David Graeber https://www.amazon.com/Debt-First-5-000-Years/dp/1612191290
Stephanie Ravenscraft https://stephanieravenscraft.com 
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