Welcome to episode 10 of Adding Up with Serena Dot Ryan. This episode, Back To The Future With Sally Hams is unique in more than one way. 
Sally Hams is an award winning Bookkeeper and the founder of Balance Books. I interviewed Sally in January 2018 for my first podcast See Digital Clearly with Serena Dot Ryan.
I’d spread myself too thinly and after just 8 episodes of See Digital Clearly with Serena Dot Ryan, I retired the podcast so I could consolidate my efforts on a rapidly growing digital marketing business.
The interview with Sally Hams sat in my archive until recently when I considered publishing the episode as a “Bonus” episode. Then something special happened. I started editing the podcast. I was in awe as Sally shared the moment where she developed a passion for numbers. She then shares incredible insights and such a passion for numbers I couldn’t resist sharing this interview as episode 10 of the Adding Up Podcast. More than once I felt this episode was like going back to the future.
Listening to this episode I have laughed and even cried. It brings me so much joy and re-affirms the path I am on. 
Whilst this episode focuses on being on the entrepreneurial path, Sally also shares her personal finance journey. It was because of this I decided to make this interview a part of the Adding Up Podcast.
Mentioned in this episode:
Sally Hams – Balance Books 
Xero Cloud Accounting Platform
Scott Pape – The Barefoot Investor
Craig Rispin – Business Futurist
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