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Andrew and Pete are Content Marketing extraordinaires. Straight out of university they took on the challenge of not having experience and set to applying their knowledge and creativity to themselves. They are a wonderful example of what can happen when you apply your knowledge to yourself and age is no barrier.

Their consistent creative and out of the box thinking has made this dynamic duo in demand for their expertise. I look forward to sharing their insights and learnings of how they have used digital to create the life they want.

In this interview, they share their own experience when they were just beginning their business. Listen on how focusing on one thing and how taking a full week off for business holiday to focus on development helped them become successful when they were just starting out.

On Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Andrew and Pete shared their secret on how to avoid creating just another social media content marketing noise. Being true to yourself, having some kind of personality, and applying what you are offline to your online content can help you stand out.

What is the worst that can happen when doing digital marketing?

“What if something goes wrong? What are you scared of? If it goes horribly wrong and nobody watches it, nobody watches it. Nobody knows that you’re a failure because it doesn’t get seen by anyone.”

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