Show Notes

For more than a decade, Stacey Copas has been using digital to create the life she wants. From her early days selling products online to now founding and running the Resilience Academy, Stacey shares her experience and insights on how digital marketing tools have helped her set up and grow her businesses to create and support the life she wants.

On Going Digital

Hear out her experience on how she taught herself SQL, Visual Basic, databases, and software development and other available tools to successfully go digital. Stacey derives 90% of her businesses directly from LinkedIn conversations by ensuring that she meet and have a conversation with as many people as possible through LinkedIn. She also discussed the importance of narrowing the gap between whom you represent online and who you really are.

Lastly, listen to her insights on “If you don’t innovate you die.” With the ever updating digital trends, the interview covered on why we must constantly learn and always at be the forefront of what is new and what is changing, invest budget on learning, and having a learning mindset.

About Our Guest

Stacey is an accomplished Author, Speaker and Resilience Expert. She is a leading keynote speaker and facilitator on resilience and turning adversity into an asset, delivering keynote speeches, training, consulting and coaching to organisations such as Telstra, South East Water and CSIRO.

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