Show Notes

Melissa Woodward is one of my very first clients. When we first met she was working from home as a remedial massage therapist. Today she runs her own clinic with 4 treatment rooms and 3 staff.

In this episode she shares how she has used digital tools to successfully grow her business to have the life she wants.

About Our Guest

Melissa Woodward is a remedial massage therapist, personal trainer, and an inspiring mumpreneur. She is the business owner of Campbelltown based Evolution Health Services.

On Going Digital

When Melissa started her business, she realized that she “needed to get found.” A week after her website was launched, the phone started ringing and online booking started soon after. Eighty percent of her clients came from Google. Indeed, she found the value in going digital. In this interview, she also shared challenges and how she overcome them when she was starting digital.

On Starting Your Own Business

Melissa believes that if you believe in your passion, other people will believe it too. Go out and share your passion, as she said, “don’t be afraid to put yourself out there”.

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