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In this episode, Clinton shares his passion for problem solving and vision to make an industry better, one business at a time.

Listen to his journey of transitions, from studying concierge services to becoming the “Concierge of Tradies,” from being in the trades to running a technology business, and from being a plumber to being an educator. Know how digital helped Clinton to step up and transform an industry as well as how doing digital can change the lives of those in the trades industry in terms of work life balance.

About our Guest

Clinton Cowin, a plumber by trade, wanted to make it easier for trades people (aka ‘tradies’) to be in business. The biggest issue he noticed all trades people had was getting their paperwork organised. With this in mind he co-founded Tradiepad a dedicated education and advisory service for trades and service based businesses to become paperless, cloud-based and more efficient thanks to better use of the digital tools available to them.

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