Show Notes

Greg Van Borssum has the most incredible mindset of anyone I have ever met. Everything else he has achieved is self taught. He demonstrates that you can literally acheive anything you set your mind to.

In this podcast episode he speaks very candidly and from the heart about how he sees opportunities everywhere and makes the most of what he has, including digital tools to create the life he wants.

On Going Digital

Digital helped Greg send his message across on a global level. It helped him in his speaking, giving advice to people who are struggling, to make better live and make a difference. Listen to his insights on why digital needs to have more personal touch and why we need to bring people out back to the personal level. Don’t miss out on his take on digital marketing – having a balance, being authentic, honest and true to people.

As a filmmaker, he also shared a very practical tip about taking videos for social media that you may find really useful.

About Our Guest

Greg is a Hollywood filmmaker, 2nd unit director of Happy Feet 1 & 2, Fight Choreographer and Weapons Specialist on the Academy Award Winning Mad Max Fury Road. Greg is also, a Mr Australia Bodybuilding Champion, World Pistol Shooting Champion, award winning filmmaker and international martial artist. Mental health advocate, ambassador and speaker for Lifeline, Suicide Prevention Australia and Mates In Construction.

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