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Originally from Canada and now based in Denmark, Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus is an incredible example of using digital marketing to create the life he wants. Chris shares from the heart his passion for digital marketing and how he has made it work for him as an employee, an entrepreneur and employer.

Listen to his experience on how he started going “digital” when he started a business at a very young age as well as how his parents guided him in choosing his career as an entrepreneur. Hear his ideas on how to be successful in your business by learning the “art of letting go”, the importance of having the right team that will tell you what your weaknesses are and will work on filling that gap, and why it is important to focus in running the business.

He also gives insight on how he keeps up with this ever changing digital world that puts him in good stead to make the most of what’s available to him. Breathing, living it, being passionate about it – letting yourself go completely on digital.

About Our Guest

Started his own company at age 16, Chris is the Founder and CEO of Kubb&co – a digital agency based in Copenhagen. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and a business guru.

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