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In this episode, Katrina McCarter shares insights on what she wanted to do when she grew up, and then, how she discovered the power of digital marketing and has used it to become the best selling author of Marketing to Mums, which went #1 on Booktopia’s Business Bestseller list outselling the likes of Simon Sinek, Timothy Ferriss and Sophia Amoruso.

She also shares her though on niche and marketing, the importance of taking time off and sometimes working by yourself, as well as starting your own business. What to do if you want to start your own business? Her advice is “Go for it!.. We live one life…have a go”. Don’t miss out on this amazing interview.

On Going Digital

Katrina believes that digital can be used to educate and instigate change. Know her thoughts on how digital can be used in educating brands to effectively communicate with mothers, the most powerful consumer group.

About Our Guest

Katrina McCarter is the Founder of Marketing to Mums. She is a marketing strategist who specialises in driving sales and profit amongst the world’s most powerful consumer, mums.

Katrina is a mum of three and has worked with over one hundred small businesses both in Australia and overseas. Katrina is a sought-after speaker at world class events and has featured on Today Tonight, Channel 7, ABC Radio, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

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