The See Digital Clearly Podcast was created out of a passion for learning. When Serena became a mother, she was faced with many new challenges. One of the unexpected ones was the inability to read books. Typically the self confessed bookworm would easily consume books, often one or two a week. After becoming a mother, each time she sat down to read a book she found she would be asleep almost immediately.

Serena Dot Ryan See Digital Clearly PodcastNot to be deterred by this, she sought out solutions. First she found Audible and then the world of podcasts.

For those who don’t know, podcasts are audio recordings that you can listen to. An amazing alternative to reading books, listening to music or watching television or videos.

Serena is a passionate teacher. In true Learn, Do, Teach style, Serena decided in March 2017 to create her own podcast. She wanted to make a difference.

Rather than just create a podcast, she wanted to use the podcast platform to inspire people to take action to create the life they want. She wanted everyone to have the opportunity to listen to the people who inspire her every day as she is creates the life she wants thanks to digital.

The ‘See Digital Clearly‘ Podcast launched on the 26th July 2017. It contains 8 episodes. The aim is inspire listeners by listening to Special Guests, people just like you that have effectively discovered and used digital tools to create the life they want. They don’t just use digital tools through obligation (e.g. I have to have a website, I have to be online….) they use them with impact.

Why Listen To The See Digital Clearly Podcast?

Each Special Guest has discovered the real power of digital, they see it clearly for what it is intended, to make their lives and those that are connected with them, better.

Each podcast is an interview with someone doing great things within their industry, niche or community, some are expected, others are surprising.

Each interview is conducted by Serena Dorothy aka ‘Dot’ Ryan founder of Serena Dot Ryan, Digital Marketing Education and Consulting Company. Serena is an unconventional digital marketer, dedicated to all seeing digital clearly, one story at a time.

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