Podcasts in my life have revolutionised the way I can increase my learning time. I listen on average to 20 – 30 hours of podcasts a week, making the most of what I affectionately call ‘dead’ time. You know the time, cooking, doing the dishes, hanging out the washing, commuting to work or an appointment. The school run… The list can go on and on….

Everyone learns differently.

Serena Dot Ryan
Serena Dot Ryan - I didn't do it for the awards

Allow yourself the opportunity to maximise the time you have.

You never know what opportunities can come from opening yourself to learning new things.

And as an educator, I’ve found this to be especially true.

I have 2 Podcasts available for you to add to your listening.

First Podcast created in 2017 is ‘See Digital Clearly with Serena Dot Ryan.’ I was inspired to create this after consistently meeting with interesting people who have successfully used Digital tools to create the life they want.

Second Podcast created in 2019 is ‘Adding Up with Serena Dot Ryan.’ I was inspired to create this as an outlet to share my journey of discovering the value in understanding my numbers and then documenting my quest for financial education and becoming debt free in the process.

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