Do you have the knowledge to maximise your business presence online?

Knowledge is the POWER you need to make the best decisions for your circumstances.

A POWER Hour enables immediate clarity on where you can improve your current online presence to achieve your business goals and maximise your ROI.

Serena Ryan, founder of Serena Dot Ryan® is a Facebook Ads Strategist with 20 years marketing experience. Serena is dedicated to helping businesses SEE digital clearly and maximise their time and budget to achieve their business goals.

Digital marketing has many moving parts. It can be hard to keep up, especially when you’re trying to balance digital marketing with other competing priorities.

A POWER Hour is designed to give you a walk through anything you have concerns about with your digital marketing and potentially identify things that are broken or could be done better.

Dennis Yu - CTO, Blitzmetrics
“Serena Dot Ryan- you are in the business of giving people back their time and money. And you happen to run FB ads to achieve this result. You are amazing.” – Dennis Yu – CTO, BlitzMetrics

You can be anywhere in the world and get the benefit of a Serena Dot Ryan® POWER Hour.

Who Should Do A POWER Hour?

A POWER Hour designed specifically for business decision makers that want to increase their digital marketing knowledge to improve their business performance. They have a business plan, have a digital marketing presence and they are looking to make it work harder for them.


Leah Oliver - Serena Dot Ryan Testimonial
“We are on the Serena Dot Ryan journey and LOVING every minute of it. So challenging and educational. Turning accountants into marketers. Only Serena could tackle this one! No one has ever taken as much interest in our marketing problems as Serena has, she is genuinely interested in helping us at every stage of this process. Pure value and lots of laughs along the way. We are so happy to be working with Serena.” – Leah Oliver, Chartered Accountant, CEO, Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions

Where are the POWER Hour’s held?

Sessions are held online via Zoom Video Conferencing. Shared screens and audio are recorded and supplied within 24 hours of the session being held.


Serena will walk you through anything you may have concerns about, and potentially identify things you may not know are broken.


The Serena Dot Ryan POWER Hour is so much more than an online meeting.

To meet with Serena Dot Ryan you need to complete a set of questions (GCT) and book a POWER Hour. The POWER Hour is an intense Hour session tailored to your circumstances, providing recommendations on how to optimise your current online presence and list actions you can take to realise your potential online.

The POWER Hour Process


You need to let Serena know your Business Goals, current content you have access to and what audience you are targeting. This is done through answering a set of questions. With these details Serena can then review your online presence and provide an express audit. Serena will provide a recording of the express audit a minimum of 7 days prior to the POWER Hour.



The POWER Hour will be recorded. You will be able to ask questions about what Serena the Express Audit already provided and Serena can provide further insight as to how you can optimise your marketing activities.



The recorded session will be provided within 24 hours of the POWER Hour being held. Along with the recording Serena will provide package recommendations of how she and her team can help you achieve your online goals.


The POWER Hour is designed to provide value and clarity around your digital marketing. It can be a stand alone meeting, or, you can book multiple POWER hours as required, or, after your initial POWER hour you can select a package to move on to.

To maximise your POWER Hour results, it’s important we understand your business. To do this, we recommend you give Serena Dot Ryan® access to your digital marketing assets. Download the free checklist to understand how to connect your accounts and give relevant access without compromising your ownership.

You can download here the access checklist here:

Watch this video with the checklist to be guided through the steps:

We also recommend you complete your goals, content, and targeting for Serena Dot Ryan to review and understand. This helps maximise the benefit of the hour and your return on investment (ROI).

We’ll record both the audio and any shared screens so you can have a copy of the whole thing within 24 hours of the session completion.

If you’re not sure if a POWER Hour is the right fit for you,  start with an Express Online Audit first.

What are the difference between an Express Online Audit and a POWER Hour?

  1. An Express Online Audit is included as part of the preparation work for a POWER Hour.
  2. An Express Online Audit can be purchased separately.
  3. Express Online Audit’s are recorded by the Serena Dot Ryan team and provided. POWER Hour’s are recorded with the client as a Zoom Meeting with the opportunity to ask questions in real time.
  4. An Express Online Audit is $147 inc.GST

Start improving your digital marketing by purchasing your Serena Dot Ryan® POWER Hour for $500.00 inc.GST


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