In case you have been living under a rock, it’s fair to say that you are on at least one social media platform. As a business, it would also be fair to say you will most likely be on at least Facebook. These are not just my assumptions. The facts back me up on this one.

In Australia, there are 15 million unique users a month on Facebook. As a business it makes sense to make the most of this and be where your customers are. So when it comes to a business being on social media, rather than dwell on encouraging you to be there, what I believe is more important is spending some time on what on earth are you doing there? After all, if you’re not creating business, you’re wasting your time aren’t you?

Because there are so many businesses and corporate figures on social media (especially skewed towards Facebook), the main concern is that you are irrelevant. Or, a mere blip adding to the white noise.

So how do you stand out and create business using social media?

Here are 5 things you can do right now to bring your Social Media presence up to speed.


1. Stop Counting Likes

Page Likes do not equal business. It is the quality of engagement, attracting your ideal customers, and creating consistent connections through content that really matter. The moment you stop counting likes, the better off you will be.



2. Focus on Engagement

Engagement is far more powerful. Start looking at the reach and see how many people are viewing and then how many people are commenting and sharing. Use the platform’s analytics data to spot trends, compare post impact and to see what is (and isn’t) working well. Use this knowledge to replicate successes and continually improve. Only once your organic content achieves a high level of engagement should you inject paid advertising spend.


3. Talk To Your Customers

Ask you customers, what do they want to see from you? Ask them what social media platforms they are active on and typically when or how often they are there. This will help you deliver more relevant content at more optimal times. A better understanding of your online audience will also increase your content visibility and customer connection.


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4. Be Consistent

Consistency is so important. It increases visibility, builds trust and makes your brand top of mind when your customers experience a problem that your business solves. Get out there and start posting regularly.


5. Plan

A plan that is focused on who, what, where and how you are present in social media will mean you are not just online, but you are there with impact. We shouldn’t do anything online without purpose. Start by defining your business goals. Then use your online presence to strategically meet those goals. If you have a clear target from the beginning, you will be able to identify the steps to reach it. A clear plan also provides structure, motivation and clarity for your continued social media presence.


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