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I Didn’t Do It For The Awards

Entering the NSW Business Chamber Awards in 2017 was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the previous 2 years. After hitting submit I immediately felt a wave of positivity. I realised how much I had achieved and how rarely I celebrated this. I am incredibly humble and thankful to have won the 2017 Macarthur Region Business Awards for Excellence in Small Business.
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How I Made A Business Online Presence Count

Social media management is about achieving your business goals.

I started working with Serena Dot Ryan in June 2017. As the first employee, it took 4 months for the hiring process. It’s fantastic that I’m sitting here, but that’s not what makes me valuable. It’s my ability to network, learn fast and contribute to the success of our business goals. Just like your social media presence.Continue Reading →

DIY Digital Marketing: Making The Most Of What You Have

Are you making the most of what you have? The fact is to do well in business we need for people to know what we do. The practice of letting people know what we do is called marketing. We live in an age where Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are available for free. This means the cost of accessibility to marketing is $0 (Woohoo!). Businesses now have incredible opportunities to harness the power of DIY digital marketing.

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