Serena Dot Ryan - Spring Clean Your Online Presence

6 Tips To Spring Cleaning Your Online Presence

How long have you been online for? Whether you’re a newcomer or you have been around for a while, it’s essential you keep your online presence fresh and up to date. You should be doing this regularly, however it can be easy to for time to fly by unnoticed. Working in your business often means that updating your online presence can fall to the bottom of the to do list.

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Are Your Emails Being Opened?

Do you send emails to your customers? Being straight with you, really you all should. Even though we are sending and receiving record numbers of emails, this is not the point. Like all marketing activities we do, it is all about the quality. As of 2015 it takes an average of 12 times to be in contact before someone becomes a customer, so it is important that each and every activity you do is done with impact. Your email is wasted unless it is opened and actioned.

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DIY Digital Marketing: Making The Most Of What You Have

Are you making the most of what you have? The fact is to do well in business we need for people to know what we do. The practice of letting people know what we do is called marketing. We live in an age where Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are available for free. This means the cost of accessibility to marketing is $0 (Woohoo!). Businesses now have incredible opportunities to harness the power of DIY digital marketing.

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