On the 16th October 2015 it was my 1st Birthday of being a Small Business Owner. This also puts me in the categories of being a start up, entrepreneur and mumpreneur. Being a business owner is hard, there’s no doubt about it. However, I’d also say it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.


I never stop looking for opportunities and ways to help others, and I have discovered that helping others use digital marketing tools and in turn be able to work smarter to achieve their business goals is just simply AWESOME! I’ve seen these businesses learn and grow, and implement great marketing strategies to gain customers and become competitive in the online arena. Few things are more satisfying.


One of my core mottoes is ‘Never Stop Learning’. I value and make time to reflect, listen, and plan for the future. Running a successful small business ownership is no easy feat, and from day dot I’ve sought out business advisers, mentors and financial advisers to help me on this journey. Without them, my business wouldn’t have grown and thrived to be in the position it is today. I’m passionate about giving other businesses the opportunity to reach their full potential using the free digital tools available, literally at their fingertips. At the end of the day, it is their success that makes me successful and makes what I do so worth it.


To commemorate being in business for more than 365 days, here is a valuable list of 34 things I have learnt from being a small business.


Serena Dot Ryan - First Birthday Oct 2015 - Small Business Growth


1. Doing is more powerful than saying. Read when ‘80% is good enough.’


2. There’s no right way of doing.


3. Nike were onto a good thing when they said ‘Just do it.’ So really JUST DO IT.


4. As soon as someone says yes, stop selling.


5. Be really good at invoicing. Just starting out, use Invoice2go, when you get more established, hop onto Xero.


6. Get an accountant who speaks human.


7. Thank your customers.


8. Love your family.


9. Make time for your family.


10. Always be learning.


11. Never stop evolving.


12. Be confident in your strengths.


13. Hire your weaknesses.


14. Make time for you.


15. Stop procrastinating.


16. Admit you don’t know everything.


17. Don’t spend money.


18. Know your budget.


19. Keep updating your marketing plan.


20. Learn from your customers.


21. Get sleep.


22. Have goals bigger than money.


23. Always believe the best is yet to come.


Serena Dot Ryan - Surround Yourself With Your Team - Small business


24. Surround yourself with like-minded people.


25. Ask for help.


26. Be grateful.


27. Positivity is more powerful than negativity.


28. Trust your gut instinct.


29. Give yourself permission to say no.


30. Be really proud of your differences.


31. Look after others after you have looked after yourself.


32. You can only do so much in every day. Do your best and be okay with it.


33. The past is done. Always be looking forward.


34. Flexiblity is essential.


Dot for the Day: When you decide to step out and create your own job as a business owner, be proud, be confident and always be learning.

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