Serena Dot Ryan® conducts training to demystify digital marketing so you can see clearly where and how you need to be for business benefit.

It takes an average of 12 times to be in contact with someone before they become a customer. Imagine if you could reduce this average of 12 times by using digital marketing tools more effectively.

The most cost effective option to ensure your business is not left behind in the digital age is to gain the knowledge you need to utilise digital marketing to grow your business and have a competitive edge.

Serena Dot Ryan® is dedicated to helping businesses SEE digital clearly and maximise their time and budget to achieve their business goals.

Training is tailored to assist business executives make better decisions about where and how to be online for their business to maximise their business results.

Serena Dot Ryan® focuses on getting your online presence optimised and then amplifying your business cost effectively using Facebook Advertising. Serena Dot Ryan® Training is designed to educate key business decision makers as digital marketing experts.

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